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It’s very common these days for people to need debt and credit help. Even people with relatively good credit can benefit by improving their credit score.

Before we even begin to repair your credit, we must know exactly what your credit looks like.

Our first step is to speak with your creditors to establish whether or not you can postpone or reduce the monetary amount of your payments. We help you pay the debts with interest penalties right away to save money. We also try to help you find a couple of accounts that are a bit more flexible in their payment plans so you can focus on the more strict accounts until they are settled.

We look over your credit report and make a list of any negative information and mistakes. Credit reports can contain incorrect information. We find out what caused these bad marks on your report.

Credit Repair Miami also makes sure you earn your rights when it comes to collection agencies. If you are threatened by collection agencies and told you could go to prison if you don’t pay your debt, then you have been wronged. While the statutes may vary from one state to the next, making threats and abusive statements is typically illegal. Know your rights to ensure that they are being upheld.

We instruct our clients to discipline themselves when it comes to staying below your limit, and protect themselves by keeping their balance below 30 percent. The less they put on their credit card, the smaller their payments will be. If their debt is over 30 percent, their disposable income will be reduced by excessive interest charges. To keep their balances below 30 percent, they have to be sure that they watch them.


action taking

We help you  arrange a payment plan with the collection agency and can help you combine all your debts into one monthly payment. Bill collectors usually want to work out a solution with you. Avoiding collectors just leads to more debt piling up. If you try to do it this way, they will not want to talk to you when you’re ready. Begin your conversation with the collection agent by assuring them that you do want to pay your debt. You might even be able to come to a compromise where you would only need to pay half of what you owe. Working out arrangements with debt collectors means cooperating with them. Otherwise, instead of working out a reasonable agreement, your balances will continue to grow.

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